Therapy in Acute Phase

  • First Line Therapy
  • ASA + IVIG
  • Add on Therapy for first line Therapy Depends on serverity of CAL
  • Antioxidants (Vitamins - ACE)
  • Ulinastatin
  • Doxicylin
  • IVMP
  • 2g IVIG/kg BW as single dose over a period of 24hrs
  • Aspirin 60-80mg till child become a febrile
  • Aspirin treatment should be adjusted to a low dosage when the fever subsides after 48 to 72 h (3 to 5mg/kg/day x 8wks if no CAD)
  • With CAL, continue Aspirin and add Clopidogrel 1mg/kg/day max 75mg/d till the resolution of CAD on your Echo follow up
  • With Giant aneurysm; Add warfarin/Coumedine/low molecular weight Heparin